Water Street Tampa
Technology strategy for a healthy, vibrant downtown

Water Street Skyline in Tampa, an Intersection Connected Communities project

Using technology to build a healthy, connected community to energize downtown Tampa

Intersection’s Connected Communities practice helps real estate developers define and deliver digital visions that improve experiences for residents, visitors, and commercial tenants.

Strategic Property Partners is building Water Street Tampa, a new mixed-use development with over $3 billion in investment planned to create a total 9,000,000 square feet of new commercial, residential, educational, entertainment, cultural, and retail space. Their mission is to build the future of southern downtown Tampa: a connected, urban, multi-use project on the waterfront.

We want to be that core and that heart, that memorable place in downtown Tampa.

James Nozar, CEO, Strategic Property Partners

Beginning in 2016, Strategic Property Partners engaged Intersection to create a Digital Master Plan and Technology Roadmap for Water Street Tampa.

Intersection’s Digital Master Plan adds a technology layer to Strategic Property Partners’ plans for the physical design of downtown Tampa, helping them set a global standard for walkable, sustainable, healthy environments. The Technology Roadmap ensures that their investments lead to better outcomes and experiences for the owner, tenants, residents, students, guests, and workers.

Our initial focus is on existing assets, such as a sports and entertainment facility that anchors the site and the waterfront; in later phases we expect to build responsive connections to external resources such as new modes of transportation.

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