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Transit Ad on Bus in Pittsburg

Ignite your brand with powerful outdoor advertising in the heart of Pittsburgh

Welcome to Pittsburgh, a city renowned for its iconic bridges, rich industrial heritage, and thriving technology community. Known as the “City of Bridges and Steel,” Pittsburgh offers a unique blend of history, culture, and innovation, making it an ideal market for brands looking to make a lasting impression. With its world-class museums, vibrant parks, renowned research centers, and a flourishing tech scene, Pittsburgh attracts a diverse audience of residents and visitors eager to engage with new ideas and experiences.

Intersection understands the pulse of Pittsburgh and is proud to partner with Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) to deliver impactful advertising campaigns throughout the city. Our extensive rail and bus advertising network provides unparalleled access to this dynamic market during a time of significant growth and transformation.

With 92% of Pittsburgh residents in cars exposed to bus media each day and 98% of adults (18+) exposed to Pittsburgh transit media, our advertising solutions ensure your brand reaches a captive audience as they navigate the city.

Thriving Tech Community Pittsburgh has emerged as a leading hub for technology and innovation, with over a thousand tech firms driving the city’s economic growth. Tap into this vibrant community and engage with influential decision-makers and tech-savvy consumers.

Intersection advertising solutions in Pittsburgh

Leverage our extensive network of interior and exterior bus and rail advertisements to captivate commuters and residents as they travel throughout Pittsburgh. With eye-catching interior bus displays, attention-grabbing exterior bus ads, impactful interior and exterior rail ads, rail station media, and station domination opportunities, we provide a range of transit advertising solutions to suit your campaign objectives.

A traditional billboard campaign may be your first thought when you think “out-of-home.” However, commuting patterns have changed in recent years, and highways are less traveled than they once were. Intersection offers dynamic ad formats that weave your brand into consumer journeys across cities, not just on highways. Be where your audience is, on the streets and on public transportation. It’s not one or the other— city and transit out-of-home formats can complement and amplify your billboard messaging. A digital screen can be the perfect mix of traditional out of home billboards and dynamic digital ads that can drive conversions.

The Intersection difference

At Intersection, we understand that every brand has unique goals and target audiences. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create personalized advertising solutions that maximize the impact of your campaigns in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s rich history, vibrant tech community, and thriving cultural scene make it a compelling market for brands seeking to make a lasting impression. With Intersection’s extensive transit advertising network and strategic partnership with Pittsburgh Regional Transit, your brand can connect with the dynamic and engaged audience of this city of bridges and steel. Let us help you turn Pittsburgh into a powerful platform for your brand, creating meaningful connections and driving impactful campaigns in this evolving and exciting market. Download our MEDIA KIT today to learn about the opportunities. 


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Pittsburgh Highlights

  • 92%

    Pittsburgh residents in cars exposed to bus media each day

  • 98%

    Adults (18+) exposed to Pittsburgh transit media

  • 5.2MM

    Monthly riders traveling Pittsburgh Regional Transit

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