Manage your Display Network

Using IxNConnect to manage display communications

Display Management Features

Intersection’s IxNConnect platform is purpose-built for public spaces, with just the tools you need to help your customers get the most out of your space. With IxNConnect, you can create and publish messages, view a real-time feed of screen content, and better understand customer behavior through analytics.

Real-time Data Integrations

Show timely, actionable information to the public and trigger screen content based on specific conditions. Data sources include transit times & status, weather, sports, news, and more.

Real-time transit data on IxNSight screen

Display Targeting

Select specific displays using customized tags to show each message in exactly the right places.

Display targeting through IxNConnect

Scheduling and Triggering

Set criteria for when to play individual messages and assign share of voice across programming.

Scheduling on IxNConnect


Easily publish text, image, and video to any screen size.


Better understand your customer and optimize communications, operations, and revenue with data and analytics on user interactions.

IxNConnect Display Management Analytics


Keep an eye on the health of your display network and gain unprecedented transparency with the ability to see a live feed of each screen.

Live Feed Monitoring with IxNConnect

We Work With:

Cities: Municipalities and city authorities

Transit: Transit authorities and public transportation systems

Air: Commercial airports and airlines

Destinations: Mixed-use developments and other public-private spaces

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