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Upgrading Metro’s media and technology

As exclusive advertising partner with Metro since March 2018, Intersection  is deploying and managing a wide variety of media formats across Metro’s 325 trains and 93 rail stations. Formats include digital displays, large-format digital station dominations, interactive digital kiosks, large-format full wrap trains, and station dominations.

Real-time transit information for Metro riders

In addition to advertising, Intersection is bringing its suite of technology products to Metro to help the transit authority better communicate with its customers and help riders navigate the system.

We are moving toward customized information delivered in real-time to riders in the way they want and expect.

Phillip A. Washington, Metro CEO

Intersection is replacing existing static signage with new state-of-the-art interactive transit kiosk units capable of delivering real-time transit updates, local information, and other dynamic content.

LA Metro IxNTouch screen with arrivals info

Metro’s new technology upgrades are powered by Intersection’s IxNConnect communications platform. IxNConnect provides this valuable transit information in a persistent zone, adjacent to advertising and other messaging, while interactive kiosks offer detailed station information and wayfinding.

With IxNConnect, Metro staff can publish ongoing public service announcements as well as up-to-the minute alerts during service outages or emergencies.

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