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Interacting with map on LA Metro IxNTouch kiosk

Engaging, informative user experiences

IxNConnect is intersection’s communications platform for public spaces. IxNConnect’s award-winning user experience design makes it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for, with wayfinding, directories, transit information, and more. Screen content is optimized for interactive kiosks and non-interactive displays and is powered by real-time data integrations.


Direct your customers to their destination with maps and directions.

  • Custom venue and route/system maps
  • Point-to-point directions and trip planning
  • Handoff to mobile devices for on-the-go wayfinding
  • Highlighting amenities within map, such as restrooms and ATMs
  • Details for each map location, such as hours or other custom data
Shopper browses Hudson Yards IxNTouch kiosk

Transit & Transportation

Help everyone get where they’re going with transportation information powered by real-time data feeds.

  • Live transit arrival countdowns and departure times
  • Status by transit line
  • Persistent status tickers alongside other screen content
  • Information from regional transportation providers
Digital Urban Panel with transit information in Chicago


Enable discovery of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

  • Full listings view for browsing
  • Details for each location including hours and description
  • Filtering by category (e.g. food and drink, shops, entertainment)
  • Search locations by name or tag
  • Handoff to mobile devices for restaurant reservations
Visitors browse IxNTouch kiosk directory at Hudson Yards

Communications & Surveys

Enable two-way communication, keeping everyone informed with targeted or network-wide messaging and collecting valuable, real-time feedback.

  • Alerts and advisories
  • Interactive customer surveys
  • Promotions and campaigns
  • Real-time data feeds, including weather, sports, news, and more
  • Ongoing customer communications
CTA Communications on digital urban panels in Chicago


Provide customers and visitors with upcoming entertainment options.

  • Listings view by date for browsing
  • Automated promotion of upcoming events system-wide
  • Handoff to mobile devices for ticket purchases
Visitor views events on IxNTouch kiosk

We Work With:

Cities: Municipalities and city authorities

Transit: Transit authorities and public transportation systems

Air: Commercial airports and airlines

Destinations: Mixed-use developments and other public-private spaces

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