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Unleash the power of outdoor advertising with trains, buses, bikeshare, and digital OOH media

Welcome to the Windy City, where the pulse of Chicago beats as strong as the roar of the crowd at Wrigley Field. Intersection is here to help you make waves in this iconic city.

As the exclusive advertising partner of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Amtrak at Chicago Union Station and Divvy Bikeshare, we’ve got the inside track to connect your brand with the heart and soul of Chicago. But that’s not all—our digital out-of-home network (the largest DOOH network in the city) is like the secret ingredient in your favorite deep-dish pizza, adding an extra layer of sizzle to your campaigns. So, let’s dive in and see how we can skyrocket your brand’s visibility!

Our Chicago media garners over 2.5 billion impressions per month, inclusive of all bus, rail, digital and airport media. With trains and buses crisscrossing Chicago’s 77 vibrant neighborhoods, we connect you with unique audiences – from sports enthusiasts to savvy urban professionals to a melting pot of cultural diversity. Whether you want your brand to make a statement on the streets, or to create an immersive experience for riders, our transit advertising options have got you covered. 

Hop on board the CTA train or bus, and get ready to make a statement in Chicago’s bustling transit system. Or, grab a bike at one of the city’s hundreds of Divvy Bike stations, where your brand can make a statement at street level. Transit advertising— whether riding with CTA or Divvy, allows your brand to directly impact the daily lives of Chicagoans citywide. 

Intersection transit advertising solutions

The CTA “L” moves Chicago, with trains and rail lines embedded into communities throughout the entirety of the city. CTA rail advertising offers brands the unique opportunity to reach and engage with consumers at the neighborhood level. By reaching consumers daily at their local “L” station, brands can create a truly hyperlocal experience.

L Train Advertisement

Each of the city’s eight rail lines is targetable with both interior and exterior media. Brands can choose the train line most important to their message, based on audience and location insights. Advertising inside CTA trains is the most effective way to reach Chicagoans in a space where dwell time and frequency is high. Exterior advertising (like train wraps) also has the added benefit of visibility to pedestrians and drivers at street level. 

Nothing anchors a neighborhood in Chicago quite like a CTA rail station. CTA stations are the heartbeat of local communities, and offer advertisers the chance to integrate directly into those communities. Advertising at CTA rail stations includes both large scale ownership (station domination) as well as smaller, targeted opportunities (station 2 sheet posters and digital platform screens).

CTA operates seven localized bus garages throughout the city, allowing you to precisely isolate your advertising efforts and connect with your desired audience segments. But it doesn’t stop there. Bus media goes beyond just riders, capturing the attention of pedestrians and drivers as well. Choose from formats like Bus Kings, Bus Queens, Bus Tails, Full Bus Wraps, and Ultra Super Kings to create an unmissable presence that combines the scale of a billboard with the advantage of mobility. 

Divvy Bikeshare Posters offer complete coverage throughout Chicago, saturating every street corner and capturing attention in every neighborhood. From Wrigleyville to the Museum Campus, from Logan Square to Hyde Park, and everywhere in between— bikeshare posters are truly everywhere. Our network of 670+ Bikeshare Posters brings enhanced capability to seamlessly target specific areas and audiences. Plus, Bikeshare is a format you can feel good about. This Bikeshare program helps make sustainable transportation accessible to Chicagoans citywide.


Our dynamic digital network

Chicago’s Streets come alive in the city, and our digital outdoor network takes center stage. Picture your brand displayed proudly on digital screens, illuminating Chicago’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Digital screens:

  • 400+ screens across street and transit
    • The largest digital out of home network in the city, your media will leave a lasting impression.
  • Deliver hyper-targeted advertising 
    • Capture the attention of pedestrians, commuters, and drivers in the Loop, River North, Lincoln Park, and all of CHI town’s hotspots.
  • Dynamic ad formats including video, programmatic and real-time updating
    • Serve your audience up-to-date messaging, you can respond to the pulse of the city.
    • Is there a special event happening? A sudden weather shift? Or a spontaneous viral trend taking over?
    • Effortlessly adjust messaging, ensuring it stays relevant, and in sync with the zeitgeist.
    • Our digital inventory is also available programmatically across all major DSPs, giving you the flexibility needed to place your buy, on your terms.

Elevate your message with airport advertising

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) is a major air travel hub. As a trusted partner of United Airlines, Intersection provides unique advertising opportunities that connect your brand with travelers soaring through the sky. Whether it’s capturing their attention at the airport with eye-catching displays or engaging business travels in the United Club, our airline advertising solutions ensure that your message stays with them from takeoff to touchdown. Intersection also offers station domination advertising takeovers at both Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW).

The Intersection difference

At Intersection, we’re not confined by boundaries; we think beyond them. Our passion lies in crafting unforgettable outdoor advertising experiences. We’ve assisted businesses like yours in driving foot traffic, boosting website visits, and forging unforgettable connections with their target audience.

A traditional billboard campaign may be your first thought when you think “out-of-home.” However, commuting patterns have changed in recent years, and highways are less traveled than they once were. Intersection offers dynamic ad formats that weave your brand into consumer journeys across cities, not just on highways. Be where your audience is, on the streets and on public transportation.

At Intersection, we understand the importance of a cohesive and integrated marketing plan. That’s why we go beyond just offering advertising solutions—we provide brands with a powerful channel to seamlessly integrate into their larger marketing strategies. Together, we’ll create campaigns that are witty, friendly, engaging, compelling, and smart as can be—because that’s the level of expertise you deserve.

Download our MEDIA KIT to see all the possibilities.

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Chicago Highlights

  • 97%

    Chicagoans reached per week

  • 38MM

    monthly CTA ridership

  • 52%

    Young professionals age 21-34 living in Chicago who have used the CTA in the last week

  • 400+

    Digital displays in Chicago's largest digital out-of-home network

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