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BART and MUNI media in San Francisco

Engage a sea of commuters across the Bay Area

San Francisco wields some of the nation’s most desirable audiences in a highly concentrated metropolitan area. The city by the bay is ideal for brands looking to dominate an urban center with immersive, high-impact media.

Intersection is the exclusive advertising partner of the city’s two major transit systems—BART and SFMTA. Commuters in the San Francisco Bay Area range from tech urbanites to affluent East Bay residents, with a strong reliance on massive bus and rail systems. Intense traffic congestion, limited parking, and dense population centers make public transit an everyday necessity, as well as a powerful advertising platform, making our San Francisco media highly sought-after among brands looking to penetrate the technology metropolis.

San Francisco Highlights

  • $471B

    San Francisco Bay Area GDP, reflecting its massive economic influence

  • 364MM

    Total weekly Impressions (18+)

  • 30.9k

    Media units in Intersection’s San Francisco network

  • 7.2MM

    Residents in San Francisco Bay Area

Intersection, Geopath, U.S. Census, Bureau of Economic Analysis


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