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LinkNYC in New York
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Provide key digital amenities

Our products provide free digital services, including Wi-Fi, voice calling, and device charging, as well as an engaging platform for local and cultural programming.

Communicate with residents and visitors

Share valuable, hyper-local information, such as real-time transit status, community and event announcements, and emergency messaging.

Grow revenue for your city

Intersection’s expert sales team and programmatic buying capabilities open new revenue streams. Screens play advertising side-by-side local information to maximize your investment.

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Partnering with Intersection

We partner with cities and municipalities to build digital display networks and media products, offering expertise across user experience design, media sales, integrated hardware–software solutions, deployment, and support.

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New Yorkers who believe that LinkNYC provides positive benefits to New York City

Source: Sachs Insights Report, September 2018


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Smart City Expo World Congress

Winner, Best Smart City


Fast Company World Changing Ideas

Finalist, Urban Design


Digital Signage Expo APEX

Silver Winner, Public Spaces


Smart Cities DIVE

Winner, Infrastructure Advancement of the Year


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