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Reach new heights: Elevate your brand's visibility at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Welcome to Charlotte, the Queen City where we blend Southern charm with urban flair to create a city that’s as vibrant as it is welcoming. Charlotte isn’t your typical city—it’s a vibrant blend of style, buzzing arts and mouth-watering food culture. Bring your brand’s message to life with airport advertising at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), where travelers from near and far converge.

Why choose air outdoor advertising in the Queen City?

Our exclusive airport airline partnership with United Airlines reaches over 180 million national airline passengers annually, offering premium media in multiple formats, United Club Display Screens, Gate Screens and In-Flight Digital. Air advertising can be an extremely powerful way to target specific demographics, reaching them at a time when paying attention to a screen is of the utmost importance. Consider well aligned mediums that can fit in seamlessly with the travelers’ journey. 

Charlotte is a city on the rise. Charlotte Douglas International is the 6th busiest airport in the nation. CLT airport is buzzing with activity, serving as a major travel hub for both domestic and international travelers. CLT services 47MM+ annual passengers and is the local airport for major corporations such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Lowe’s. (SOURCE: wisevoter.com) 

That means your brand can make a lasting impression on a diverse and captive audience. Whether they’re arriving, departing, or in transit, our airport advertising will ensure your message stands out in the crowd.

Intersection products at CLT

As the exclusive advertising partner of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), Intersection offers a wide range of advertising assets that allow brands to connect with consumers at every touchpoint of this bustling air hub. Our range of airport advertising products will have your brand shining bright as travelers navigate the terminals, from eye-catching digital displays to captivating large format placements. You won’t just reach the residents of Charlotte, you will reach international and national travelers giving you the opportunity to expose your brand in an even bigger way, while staying specific to your demographic targets. 

Intersection’s digital airport media gives you endless possibilities to provide exciting and diverse digital touch-points and content that your consumers want. With dynamic capabilities to serve your audience up-to-date messaging, you can respond to the pulse of the city. Is there a special event happening? A sudden weather shift? Or a spontaneous viral trend taking over? Effortlessly adjust messaging, ensuring it stays relevant, and in sync with the zeitgeist.

The Intersection difference

At Intersection, we’re passionate about bringing brands to life and creating unforgettable advertising experiences. With our exclusive advertising partnership at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, we offer unparalleled access to millions of travelers, providing you with the opportunity to make a lasting impression. From captivating digital displays to innovative large format campaigns, we’re committed to helping your brand shine bright in this bustling air hub. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and unlock the full potential of your brand at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Contact us today and let’s make your advertising soar to new heights!

A traditional billboard campaign may be your first thought when you think “out-of-home.” However, commuting patterns have changed in recent years, and highways are less traveled than they once were. Intersection offers dynamic ad formats that weave your brand into consumer journeys across cities, not just on highways. Be where your audience is.


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Charlotte Highlights

  • 47MM

    Passengers in 2021

  • 6th

    Rank among busiest airports in the U.S., by aircraft movements

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