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Digital Urban Panel with transit information in Chicago

Critical transit information for CTA riders

As the second-largest public transit system in the United States, the Chicago Transit Authority serves about 1.6 million passengers each weekday, offering bus, subway, and rapid transit routes throughout the city. Through Intersection’s IxNConnect platform, the CTA provides real-time information to riders at all times. 

User browses transit information in Chicago on IxNTouch kiosk

IxNConnect offers riders valuable transit information, such as arrival countdowns and route status, in a persistent zone adjacent to advertising and other messaging. It also enables the CTA to push up-to-the minute communications and alerts during service outages or emergencies. Finally, interactive kiosks offer riders wayfinding and detailed station alerts throughout the city.

Since the rollout of IxNConnect, the CTA has received positive press coverage in several media outlets, as well as dozens of social media mentions directly from customers.

CTA by the numbers

  • 400

    Screens Deployed

  • 98%

    Chicago-area commuters reached

  • 38MM

    Monthly arrival messages delivered

  • 10MM

    Alert plays per month

Rider looks at IxNSight display with advertising and arrival times in CTA

The creation of IxNConnect

As exclusive advertising contractor for CTA since 2007, Intersection has been instrumental in helping CTA deploy and maintain their digital network. Beginning in 2010, Intersection oversaw the CTA’s massive city-wide rollout of digital screens, resulting in the present network of over 400 displays throughout stations and station entrances.

In 2018, Intersection launched IxNConnect, our industry-leading digital communications platform, in partnership with CTA, successfully migrating 200 displays onto the platform in two weeks. CTA is now using the platform to manage, monitor, and push content to all digital assets systemwide.

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