Turn real estate developments into connected communities

Motion Blur of People Walking in the City

Engage visitors

Interactive wayfinding, directories, event calendars, and other useful amenities highlight retail, dining, and entertainment options in your venue, development, or mixed-use space.

Tap into new revenue sources

Real-time data feeds and interactivity enable immersive advertising experiences and drive retail traffic, event ticketing, and restaurant reservations.

Understand your customers

Usage analytics offer insights into consumer behavior, driving more relevant messaging broadly throughout your space or hyper-targeted to specific locations.

Visitor views events on IxNTouch kiosk

Partnering with Intersection

We partner with venues and urban destinations to build digital display networks and media products, offering expertise across user experience design, media sales, integrated hardware–software solutions, deployment, and support.

Products & Capabilities

We’re transforming how people shop, live and dine today by focusing on tomorrow.

Rick Caruso, Founder and CEO, Caruso

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