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Intersection is a proven leader in revenue generation in public spaces, partnering with cities, transit authorities, airports, airlines, and owners of prominent mixed-use developments to monetize their assets. Intersection is a trusted advertising partner to major public spaces across the country, including the largest network of digital screens in NYC, Chicago Transit Authority, L.A. Metro, United Airlines, Hudson Yards, and many more.

Intersection brings industry-leading innovation and deep knowledge of the particularities of each public space environment to every partnership. We pair our innovative approach with an expert out-of-home advertising sales team across nine markets. Additionally, programmatic buying capabilities via Place Exchange open up sales to new digital budgets.

Media Offerings

Amazon Gift Guide in NYC MTA


Dynamic Digital Campaign in Minneapolis

Dynamic Digital

Visitors walk by large format digital display at Hudson Yards

Large Format Digital

Blue Shield Static Creative


Man photographs GrubHub sushi ad campaign on top of Chicago CTA subway entrance

Dominations and Specialty

Newark Broad Street NJ Transit station, home of Audible

Naming and Sponsorships

Person scans vitaminwater card to enter Chicago station


Create Unique Value for Advertisers

Intersection offers unique products across static, digital, and specialty media, an advertising technology stack of unprecedented delivery and creative options, and cutting-edge offerings that allow advertisers to target audiences and measure results effectively.

When paired with IxNConnect, advertising is delivered on the same screen as customer communications, meaning there’s no need to invest in duplicate or specialized hardware. And because the screens display valuable information, consumers pay close attention to them, making them a perfect location for advertising.

Advertising with Intersection


Intersection ad sales growth compared to the industry average over the past year

We Work With:

Cities: Municipalities and city authorities

Transit: Transit authorities and public transportation systems

Air: Commercial airports and airlines

Destinations: Mixed-use developments and other public-private spaces

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