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Service & Support

Intersection offers in-house support for interactive kiosk and display networks as well as deployment and maintenance of static and specialty media. Our experienced technical specialists handle ongoing hardware and software maintenance as well as rapid-response issue resolution.


As a partner to cities, transit authorities, airlines, airports, and destinations across the United States, Intersection understands the planning, engineering, approvals, and installation of digital displays in public spaces like no other company.

Using proprietary algorithms, we pinpoint display and interactive kiosk locations to maximize value to both consumers and advertisers. We optimize for customer traffic flows, lines of sight, dwell times, and technical feasibility, while minimizing cost and disruption. Screens are installed safely and efficiently, complete with testing and QA.

Link Deployment

Field Operations

With thousands of displays under management in public spaces across the country and a robust operations team, Intersection provides deep operational and technical expertise.

Intersection’s operations team handles everything in the field from routine maintenance to issue resolution, including posting static advertising, cleaning units on a regular basis, upgrading hardware as technology improves, and quickly deploying resources on-site for repairs.

Field Operations professional maintains Link kiosk

Monitoring & Support

Our team of support specialists monitors for all kinds of issues across networking, hardware, and software to ensure our digital networks run smoothly. They push routine software upgrades and patches remotely, expediting fixes.

Additionally, Intersection maintains a dedicated Service Desk for our clients to report issues via email and phone. Our robust response system alerts relevant teams, resulting in quick action and transparency for your internal team, from troubleshooting to resolution.

Intersection Support and Engineering


Digital displays maintained or supported by Intersection

We Work With:

Cities: Municipalities and city authorities

Transit: Transit authorities and public transportation systems

Air: Commercial airports and airlines

Destinations: Mixed-use developments and other public-private spaces

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