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In 2016, Link began in New York City as part of an ambitious program to replace the City’s aging payphone infrastructure with the world’s largest and fastest free municipal Wi-Fi network. Links provide free super-fast Wi-Fi, local information, phone calls, device charging, and a tablet to access digital services. Paid for by advertising at no cost to New Yorkers, LinkNYC generates significantly increased revenue for the City of New York.

Since its launch in 2016, LinkNYC has expanded rapidly. Intersection has brought Link to Philadelphia, Newark, and over a dozen cities in the United Kingdom, with over 2,000 units worldwide.

Person makes a phone call at a Link in Brooklyn
In New York City, LinkNYC is replacing thousands of payphones with the largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network in the world.

Link by the numbers

  • 2200+

    Units deployed across NYC, Philadelphia, Newark, and the U.K.

  • 600k+

    Free phone calls made every month

  • 2B+

    Wi-Fi sessions delivered since 2016

  • 93%

    New Yorkers who believe LinkNYC brings positive benefits to the city

Man uses tablet on InLink in London
InLinkUK is replacing hundreds of BT’s phoneboxes in London and cities across the United Kingdom.

A Transformative Communications Platform

Through Link, cities have unprecedented ability to communicate with residents and visitors in real time. Content can be targeted by neighborhood, proximity to points of interest, or other custom attributes, and can be responsive to the surrounding environment and time of day. Leveraging many of Link’s capabilities, LinkNYC has become a beloved platform for facts about the city, news, cultural programming, and local art.

LinkNYC will help cement our place as a global leader in technology, innovation, and equity.

Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City

Smart City Expo World Congress

Winner, Best Smart City

D&AD Impact

Wood Pencil Winner, Urban Living

Fast Company World Changing Ideas

Finalist, Urban Design

The Connies

Gold Winner, Best Use of Connected Technology

The creation of Link

Link was born from former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s challenge to reinvent the New York City payphone. Our vision was to create a network of modern, iconic street furniture that provides a platform for connectivity, communication, and digital services for the City and its residents and visitors. The result was a sleek, modular and programmable kiosk that could be deployed in cities around the world.

Installing LinkNYC

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