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Unleash your brand's potential in the garden state with NJ TRANSIT advertising

Welcome to the vibrant state of New Jersey, where opportunities abound and brand fame awaits. As the primary business center between the iconic cities of New York and Philadelphia, New Jersey boasts a thriving population and a reputation for being home to prestigious Fortune 500 companies and five professional sports teams. With its strategic location, affluent residents, and high purchase intent, this diverse state is an ideal canvas for your brand’s success.

A traditional billboard campaign may be your first thought when you think “out-of-home.” However, commuting patterns have changed in recent years, and highways are less traveled than they once were. Intersection offers dynamic ad formats that weave your brand into consumer journeys across cities, not just on highways. Be where your audience is, on the streets and on public transportation. It’s not one or the other— city and transit out-of-home formats can complement and amplify your billboard messaging. A digital screen can be the perfect mix of traditional out of home billboards and dynamic digital ads that can drive conversions.

Discover the power of NJT advertising 

At Intersection, we understand the pulse of the Garden State and have forged exclusive partnerships with NJ TRANSIT, LinkNWK, and PATH to offer you unrivaled advertising opportunities. Our extensive media footprint blankets the state, enabling you to captivate influential commuter audiences who traverse its bustling cities and travel to major metropolitan areas like New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. With our strategic approach and impactful media placements, your brand can connect with the decision-makers and tastemakers who shape the future. 

NJT advertising solutions 

New Jersey TRANSIT station advertising offers brands the unique opportunity to reach and engage with consumers at the neighborhood level. By reaching consumers daily at their local NJT station, brands can create a truly hyperlocal experience with minimal waste. With station dominations, window displays, wall panels, floor graphics, and column panels, we transform transit spaces into immersive brand showcases that leave a lasting impression on commuters’ minds. We also offer the opportunity for long term station takeovers, truly embedding brands into the heart of NJT stations.

Brands can choose the train line most important to their message, based on audience and location insights. Advertising inside NJT trains is the most effective way to reach commuters in a space where dwell time and frequency is high. Exterior advertising (like full train wraps) also has the added benefit of visibility to pedestrians and drivers at street level. NJT also offers advertising opportunities on the Hudson Bergen Light Rail (HBLR).

New Jersey TRANSIT operates 25+ localized bus garages throughout the state, 17 counties are targetable by our media, allowing you to precisely isolate your advertising efforts and connect with your desired audience segments. Target the county or cities that are most important to your brand. But it doesn’t stop there. Bus media goes beyond just riders, capturing the attention of pedestrians and drivers as well. Choose from formats like Bus Kings, Bus Queens, Bus Tails, Full Bus Wraps, and Ultra Super Kings to create an unmissable presence that combines the scale of a billboard with the advantage of mobility. 

PATH advertising

The PATH train serves as the primary transit link between Manhattan and neighboring New Jersey communities like Hoboken & Jersey City, as well as suburban commuter railroads. With over 4.1 million monthly weekday passenger trips, 350 rail cars, and 4 routes, serving 13 rail stations your reach is destined to cultivate brand recognition. Reach daily commuters and affluent professionals going to Wall Street at the World Trade Center station, 33rd street at Herald Square and NY Penn Station, guaranteeing you not only visibility to NJ residents and visitors, but high visibility to New Yorkers. Continue engaging with young professionals and affluent families in NYC’s West Village at 9th and 14th Street Stations. Wow visitors and residents alike with products like Station Dominations, offering the chance for your brand to own an entire station with a combination of static, digital, and direct-application media that can’t be missed. 

Dynamic digital capabilities 

Our high-definition DOOH, digital billboards and digital signs support static images, video or animations that leap off the screen, and are the canvases on which your creativity can thrive. Our NJ network encompasses over 350 digital screens across the state. With dynamic capabilities to serve your audience up-to-date messaging, you can respond to the pulse of the city. Is there a special event happening? A sudden weather shift? Or a spontaneous viral trend taking over? Effortlessly adjust messaging, ensuring it stays relevant, and in sync with the zeitgeist. Our digital inventory is also available programmatically across all major DSPs, giving you the flexibility needed to place your buy, on your terms.

The Intersection difference 

At Intersection, we’re not confined by boundaries; we think beyond them. Our passion lies in crafting unforgettable outdoor advertising experiences. We’ve assisted businesses like yours in driving foot traffic, boosting website visits, and forging unforgettable connections with their target audience.

Ready to make a lasting impact in the Garden State? Unlock the full potential of New Jersey’s influential audiences and ignite brand excitement that resonates far and wide. Contact us today to explore the comprehensive suite of products offered by Intersection in New Jersey.

Download our MEDIA KIT to discover how our high-impact outdoor advertising solutions can unleash your brand’s potential, create buzz, and drive tangible results in this vibrant marketplace.

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New Jersey Highlights

  • 2DMAs

    New Jersey spans ⅓ of populations in both New York and Philadelphia DMAs

  • 9.3MM

    2022 estimated population

  • 1st

    Most densely populated state in the U.S.

  • $124k

    Average 2021 household income

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