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Digital Urban Panel with transit information in Chicago

IxNConnect® is Intersection’s award-winning, real-time technology platform that delivers relevant information and content to transit customers as they move through cities.

Unify transit communications

IxNConnect is a central touchpoint for transit authorities to manage customer messaging and content delivery in real time, both system-wide and at a granular, targeted level.

The IxNConnect platform provides tools to create and publish information, allowing transit authority staff to deliver accurate, up-to-date schedule information, rapidly push out alerts to riders in the event of an emergency or service issue, as well as manage on-going regular transit communications such as safety or promotional campaigns. Additionally, IxNConnect offers transit authorities a centralized view of all displays and content, as well as analytics to measure the performance of the system.

The IxNConnect platform delivers content experiences through Intersection's IxNTouch and IxNSight digital display suites, which return data and analytics on the system.

Connecting with riders

IxNConnect delivers content experiences to people through Intersection’s dynamic digital displays, empowering customers to make more informed decisions about their daily commutes. Our products provide riders with relevant and valuable information, from everyday train and bus arrival countdowns and route status, to up-to-the minute communications and alerts during service outages or emergencies. Content can also be enriched with feeds of local weather, news, events, and other information relevant to riders.

Wayfinding and device charging on IxNTouch Kiosk in NYC MTA
The IxNTouch kiosk provides riders with transit arrivals, directions, and service alerts on a fully interactive display.

Two suites of digital displays provide just the right type of information for riders’ individual needs. Intersection’s dynamic IxNSight displays broadcast real-time data targeted to riders’ exact locations, while our touch-enabled IxNTouch displays, built for interactivity, offer the opportunity to get in-depth content for individualized needs, such as customized directions and station-specific information.

In addition, all transit communications can be shown alongside intelligent advertising on IxNTouch and IxNSight displays, powered by live data feeds and interactivity, engaging riders and growing advertising revenue.

SmartRail World Innovation Awards

2nd Place, Passenger Innovation of the Year

Drive engagement and revenue with IxNTouch

  • 3,200

    Average weekly rider interactions per IxNTouch kiosk

  • 5X

    Revenue generated per unit vs. traditional advertising panels

Beautiful yet durable, our IxNTouch and IxNSight displays are designed to hold up to the rigors of the environment, withstanding extreme temperature ranges, brake dust, powerwashing, and other hazards of transportation systems. And with onboard cameras and an array of environmental sensors, transit authorities can learn current display and station conditions, enhancing operations and security.

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