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Unmissable Ads, Engaged Audiences

LinkNYC leverages North America’s largest street-level Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) network to offer unparalleled outdoor advertising solutions brought to you by Intersection, one of the largest outdoor digital media agencies. With 4,000+ screens across thousands of highly trafficked NYC city blocks, you can drive conversions, major brand awareness and action.

LinkNYC digital billboards offer your brand messaging flexibility and real-time engagement that a traditional billboard just can't, with more coverage of NYC than most mediums.

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Map of LinkNYC, digital out of home kiosks, DOOH ad sales in New York from Intersection

Unrivaled coverage in the #1 DMA

Our screens garner five billion monthly market impressions. Target a massive audience, at a large-scale using a cost-effective medium. Since LinkNYC screens cover so many NYC sidewalks there's sure to be an outdoor advertising digital sign near you. Get local ads with your personalized outdoor branding, certain to make your brand the star of the NYC streets.

Does What Online Just Can't Do

- Not just a screen; LinkNYC is IRL – where life happens
- 100% location accuracy
- 360 integration of your marketing channels
- Connect offline and online
- Non-intrusive ads, delivered seamlessly
- Guaranteed brand safety
- Ad-blocker free
- Fraud free

Flexible Buying Solutions

Tailor your OOH advertising campaigns with total flexibility in terms of creative content, campaign length, campaign frequency, reach, location targeting, dayparting and budget.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solutions

As one of the most cost-effective out-of-home advertising agencies, we provide competitive media buying options for businesses seeking everything from affordable digital billboards to rent to massive all encompassing outdoor advertising spaces in high-demand areas like Times Square, Hudson Yards, Herald Square, Soho, FiDi and beyond.

OOH offers trackable, ROI-driven campaigns which can have lower CAC than digital online advertising (Intersection’s average CAC, $57).

Dynamic, Real-Time Advertising

Our real-time, smart advertising solutions create dynamic campaigns that resonate with current events and consumer trends. From dynamic mapping to a location, to incorporating weather widgets or live scoring, we drive relevance with your audience each day. Programmatic DOOH makes media buying and serving ads a breeze.

Strategic Location Coverage

LinkNYC is the ultimate location-specific ad format. You can customize your campaign in multiple ways— concentrated areas or neighborhoods, or saturate NYC with your brand message. Based on data-driven audience intelligence, we can determine how to most effectively reach your audience. Reach residential neighborhoods like UWS, Soho, West Village & more— or connect with commuters and travelers in major commercial hubs like Herald Square.

Measurable Impact

Track the effectiveness of your campaigns with our advanced measurement solutions that quantify web traffic, conversions, new customers, social media growth and more.

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88% of adults have noticed OOH ads in the last 30 days and 78% engage within 60 days of viewing

*(Source: OAAA March 2003)

Dynamic and measurable

LinkNYC’s capabilities allow advertisers to do more with their messaging, and communicate with consumers in the most contextually relevant ways by ensuring your content captures attention and sparks engagement. As an out-of-home advertising company, Intersection offers one of the best digital billboard advertising options near you with programmatic digital screens.

Why choose digital out of home campaigns? LinkNYC digital OOH media has full motion LED video capabilities allowing you to extend the life of your social and video content in the real world. Custom-fit your campaigns with total flexibility and being one of the most effective out of home advertising options in NYC, Intersection has your solution to OOH media buying. Dayparting, audience targeting, flight length, and share of voice options — LinkNYC adapts to your goals.

Our measurement solutions deliver actionable metrics that matter most to your brand, with capabilities to measure web traffic, conversions and digital events, foot traffic, brand affinity, and more. Intersection’s dedicated measurement team facilitates these studies with a number of best-in-class 3rd party research partners.

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Madewell ad campaign on LinkNYC digital out of home screens in New York CIty

Target your audience

Our sophisticated audience targeting capabilities allow your brand to effectively reach your strategic target, in the right place at the right time— allocating your budget where it will have the most impact. This is beneficial for local businesses, and any advertiser aiming to connect with a particular audience or community.

By leveraging powerful audience data points we can segment LinkNYC units that fit the demographics, shopping behaviors, media habits and psychographics of your consumers. In addition to audience targeting, location targeting offers brands the ability to focus on areas close to store locations, competitor locations, shopping districts, or desired neighborhoods. As part of the campaign process, we will leverage our deep sets of audience data to map out Link locations that fit your brand goals. Get the latest in digital outdoor advertising mediums with the latest audience trends.

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map of neighborhoods in new york where intersection digital out of home screens are compared with luxury neighborhoods


monthly impressions across New York

Source: Geopath, Tableau, Related


of New Yorkers reached with Link screens

Source: Geopath, Tableau, Related

A platform for building community

Link Kiosks are not just an advertising platform, they bring value to New Yorkers with free Wi-FI, phone charging ports and community content. The LinkNYC Wi-Fi network has over 13 million subscribers, creates connectivity for the city, supports local businesses and generates economic activity for the city. Advertising on LinkNYC not only drives results, but is something your brand can feel good about.

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image of a digital out of home (DOOH) intersection NYC Kiosk that provides free wifi to New York CIty
Get ready to celebrate an unexpected collaboration that will blow your taste buds away! @empiricalcph and @doritos have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind spirit that will satisfy your cheesy cravings without the need to lick your fingers. Brace yourself as LinkNYC brings this exciting partnership to the city streets, creating a buzz and encouraging spectators to experience the revolutionary drink. It's time to embark on a flavor adventure like never before!


Step into the future of advertising. LinkNYC is not just a city asset; it's your strategic ally in crafting narratives that resonate with New Yorkers.

Esther Raphael, CMO

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