Digital & Transit Campaign

Intersection digital bus tranit shelter screen for Expedia, out-of-home advertisement

NYC & Philly, 2023

Expedia elevates brand presence and lifts consumer consideration with high impact media

In the bustling east coast streets, travel agency Expedia set out to strengthen their established brand awareness and bring their consumer consideration to new heights. Leveraging the national travel boom, Expedia established a two-fold set of goals: create an unmissable campaign that left a lasting positive impression with consumers in order to boost brand awareness and create lift in consumer consideration of their online services.

To accomplish their mission, Expedia leveraged high impact digital and static media in key areas of Philadelphia and New York to drive key metrics with urban audiences. Digital kiosks were selected in high traffic streets and a strategically placed station domination was placed to engage consumers in their daily journeys with messaging that focused on travel packages, resort reservations, and short notice bookings.  

Exposed audiences were surveyed after seeing the ads in order to gauge the impact of the campaign. A variety of insights were collected from the surveys so Expedia could ascertain the overall strength and success of the campaign goals. 

Campaign Objectives

  • Goal

    Lift brand awareness, campaign recall, and consideration

  • KPI

    Surveyed respondents

Results & Impact

The campaign proved successful, achieving high benchmarks across all of Expedia’s goals. The campaign showed that an impressive 93% of exposed consumers were aware of the brand, a 7% increase in comparison to the unexposed control group. Not only did brand awareness experience a substantial increase, but positive opinion soared with 77% of respondents expressing that the ads had positively impacted their view of Expedia, a 13% increase from the previous quarter.

Ad recall proved to be a key indicator of the campaign’s success. With an ad recall rate of 47%, Expedia’s campaign outperformed the Mfour travel category benchmark by 13%. Expedia targeted their creative to promote three specific services they offer, all of which showed an increase in consumer association at the end of the campaign. Package trip awareness increased 15%, resort travel increased 27%, and short notice bookings increased 34%.

With every metric exceeding expectations, Expedia’s campaign showed that even brands with established presence can benefit from a well-executed OOH campaign. Increased awareness and brand positivity ultimately led to an 11% lift in brand consideration and a 14% increase in likelihood to book. Ultimately, Expedia was able to strategically leverage transit media to strengthen their position as a top online travel agency and bring their name to urban audiences.


  • 47%

    ad recall

  • 50%

    of exposed audience remembered seeing the ad

  • 14%

    lift in likelihood to book through Expedia

  • 77%

    of exposed audience said the ads positively affected their impression of Expedia


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