Pharma Brand
Digital Out-of-Home Campaign

Digital out of home screen in New York City with Intersection's Out of Home Advertising Solutions on a digital screen

NYC + Philadelphia, 2022

Pharmaceutical brand elevates awareness, consideration, and prescriptions

In the pharmaceutical sector, a prominent brand embarked on a meticulously planned digital out-of-home (OOH) campaign that spanned numerous media markets across the United States. The overarching goal was to amplify consumer awareness, spark consideration, and foster a greater inclination among healthcare professionals to prescribe a ground-breaking gastrointestinal treatment.

With a particular focus on New York City and Philadelphia, this pharmaceutical brand harnessed the capabilities of Crossix Audience Segments. This approach allowed them to pinpoint geographical areas with a significant concentration of potential interest. Subsequently, the brand strategically deployed a network of 360 LinkNYC displays, tailored to align with the specific audience segments identified through Crossix.

By combining data-driven precision with strategic OOH placement, this brand aimed to make a substantial impact on healthcare awareness and accessibility in these urban environments. This pharmaceutical success story showcases the potential of digital OOH campaigns to create meaningful impressions and drive critical healthcare initiatives forward.


Campaign Objectives

  • Goal

    Drive brand awareness, consideration, lift prescription performance

  • KPI

    Prescription lift, brand metrics

Results & Impact

The campaign’s outcomes, especially among the 18-44 age group, were remarkable. Those exposed to the ads exhibited a 13.2% surge in research intent compared to the control group. When it came to considering inquiring about the medication, there was a substantial 23.5% boost within the 18-44 age bracket. A whopping 70% of those exposed to the ads contemplated this, in contrast to the control group’s 46%.

This campaign yielded significant results in clinical visitation and prescription performance (see stats below).

The pharmaceutical brand’s digital OOH campaign effectively achieved its objectives of elevating brand awareness, fostering consideration, and boosting prescription performance. The campaign’s strategic precision, combined with impactful messaging, translated into tangible, positive outcomes, establishing the brand as a formidable player in the healthcare domain.


  • 92%

    increase in the conversion rate to the brand's ulcerative colitis biologic drug

  • 75%

    increase in attributable brand-name prescriptions.* (*Compared to the control group, statistically significant at a 95% confidence interval)

  • 15%

    increase in the likelihood of visiting a gastroenterologist, accounting for more than 116,700 attributable incremental visits

  • 30.2m


Crossix, 2022; Geopath, 2022

Amongst the exposed age group 45+ we saw a 3.1% lift (compared to control group) in research intent and 6.9% lift in consideration.

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