Online Grocery Delivery Brand
DOOH Drives Sales

Link NYC kiosk - out of home advertising digital screen in New York City - Intersection Advertising

NY, 2019

Driving NYC grocery & alcohol delivery orders with out-of-home

In the bustling urban landscape of New York City, an innovative grocery and alcohol delivery company set its sights on a unique challenge: to drive an influx of visitors to its website and foster a surge in online orders. This mission wasn’t just about boosting statistics; it was about making a significant impact in a city where convenience and rapid solutions are the norm.

To address this challenge, the company leveraged the transformative power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. By concentrating their marketing efforts in some of the city’s most prestigious and high-income neighborhoods, they aimed to strike a chord with a discerning audience that values quality and convenience.

Through this approach, the company sought to prove that DOOH wasn’t just about capturing attention; it had the unique capability to turn that attention into tangible results, with measurable online conversions. They understood that driving traffic to their website wasn’t enough; it was all about motivating customers to take the next step – placing online orders. In the heart of the Big Apple, where consumers are accustomed to on-demand options, this campaign showcased the unparalleled ability of DOOH to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, resulting in a remarkable rise in online conversions.

Campaign Objectives

  • Goal

    Drive web traffic, online orders

  • KPI

    Web visits, orders, revenue

Results & Impact

This case study demonstrates how a campaign tailored to the specific requirements of high-income NYC neighborhoods, can significantly elevate website traffic and drive online orders. In a city that never sleeps, a brand’s ability to engage with its audience at the right place and time can make all the difference in achieving digital success. By day-parting their campaign and targeting specific locations, the brand harnessed the power of digital marketing to capture the attention of a discerning NYC audience.

This strategic approach served as a powerful reminder of the brand’s commitment to customer convenience, delivering quality goods directly to the doorstep of a demanding urban clientele. The campaign reinforced the company’s online presence, drove online orders, and ultimately contributed to its success in a dynamic and ever-evolving market.


  • 58.2%

    visit-to-order conversion online

  • 144k

    in attributed incremental revenue

  • 1.3k

    in attributable orders placed via the website

Place Exchange / Intersection Digital Event Measurement Study, 2019

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