Harnessing the power of context

Reach people on their daily journeys

We are part of the fabric of the urban experience, offering media products that natively weave into people’s lives as they journey through public spaces. Our media intersects with audiences in the places where they travel most, creating meaningful experiences at key moments of influence throughout the day.

We know people are always on the go and that their origins and destinations are strong indicators of who they are. We’ve strategically placed our media in well-traveled locations where people spend the most time—on city streets, at transit hubs, in rail cars and buses, and at airports. With partnerships with some of the country’s largest and busiest transit systems—including Chicago's CTA, Metro in L.A., SFMTA in San Francisco, and SEPTA in Philadelphia, plus many more—Intersection provides scale among valuable audiences that other media can’t offer.

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Find your target audience through rich data

Reaching the right audience is paramount. Intersection takes a data-driven approach, working with best-in-class audience data sets to understand the daily journeys of your desired customers and target prospects. Based on that data, we then identify the highest value products for you from our unparalleled suite of urban media assets to reach exactly the consumers you want, at the times and places they are most receptive to your message.

Engage customers with our unique media assets

We believe advertising should engage, inform, and inspire. Intersection offers a wide range of high-impact media experiences. Whether static bus and train interiors and exteriors, cutting-edge digital displays with dynamic, real-time customizable content, single-brand takeovers, including station dominations and “Home of” sponsorships, or any combination of our broad range of visual formats, we offer 100% accurate location-based targeting, and real-world contextual relevance to drive consumer engagement.

Measure and quantify success to your business

Measurement of impact is the key to advertising success. We work to understand your marketing objectives: brand awareness, in-store foot traffic, online or offline purchases, app downloads, TV tune-in, and more. We then partner with industry-leading measurement providers to quantify the impact to your business, delivering insights and reporting on business outcomes and the metrics that matter to you.

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Our network, comprised of the largest DMAs in the country, offers unparalleled reach in the most populated locations.



Intersecting with consumers throughout their daily journeys, our products offer unique brand engagement opportunities.


Buying Mechanisms

We offer agencies and advertisers an array of flexible and powerful ways to buy media.

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