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Seattle, 2022

Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer Brand Boosts Website Traffic in Seattle

In the bustling cityscape of Seattle, a craft non-alcoholic beer brand embarked on a mission to enhance its digital presence and bring thirsty consumers to its website. With the clear goal of driving website traffic, this brand set its sights on a creative bus media campaign.

To maximize its campaign’s reach and impact, the brand chose to saturate King County, with particular emphasis on Downtown Seattle and Bellevue. The arsenal for this digital endeavor included a fleet of 200 Bus Kings and 15 Bus Ultra Super Kings, ensuring a wide-reaching and captivating presence.

Leveraging an integrated approach that seamlessly blended traditional bus media with digital strategies, they aimed to harness the full spectrum of marketing channels and make a memorable impact.

Campaign Period: March 2022 – April 2022

Campaign Objectives

  • Goal

    Drive web traffic

  • KPI

    Lift in webpage visitation

Results & Impact

The results of this campaign demonstrated effective use of OOH as a complement to digital marketing efforts. Driving traffic to the brand’s website via outdoor advertising leveraged an integrated approach to merging the audience’s physical worlds’ with the digital space the brand lives in. By meeting their audience where they are in their daily life, the brand achieved a 3.4.x lift in visits to the product page and 1.4x lift to their homepage— marking a substantial increase in online engagement. These figures speak to the creative that connects and exposure that converts.

With impressive lifts in website traffic and engagement, this campaign exemplifies the potent synergy of bus media and brand aspirations. OOH has the power to connect with an audience while not feeling intrusive, and the resulting organic traffic growth signifies a genuine interest in the brand/products. By strategically driving traffic to the brand’s website through outdoor advertising, we harnessed the capabilities of data-driven outdoor campaigns that deliver measurable results.


  • 75.1%

    lift in web visits to the product page

  • 3.4x

    more likely to visit website, after 3rd week of campaign

  • 1.9x

    lift in homepage visits

Individuals exposed to the ad were 2x more likely to visit the homepage on Saturday than any other day of the week and were 56% more likely to be observed on the brand’s homepage between 12-6pm PST.

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