Buying Mechanisms

Traditional Out‑of‑Home Execution

Our sales team leads the industry, working with agencies and advertisers who seek to harness the unique power of the out-of-home medium. We have developed cutting-edge innovations that allow advertisers to reach their desired target audiences in the physical world and measure the impact to their bottom line. Whether you are looking for high-impact national reach or the ability to drive traffic into your local store, our team can help design the right out-of-home advertising solution to meet your business objectives.

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Programmatic Self‑Serve (via DSP)

Programmatic agencies and advertisers now have the ability to purchase Intersection’s distinctive array of high-quality out-of-home media through DSPs integrated with Place Exchange™, the first true programmatic exchange for out-of-home media. With real-time bidding, seamless DSP workflow, support for standard IAB creatives, and device-level attribution, programmatic buyers can—for the first time—buy and measure out-of-home media in the same way as online, mobile, and other digital media. All with no bots, no ad blockers, and no unsafe content—just high-impact, always-viewable messaging that reaches consumers in the physical world, programmatically through your DSP.

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