Measurement Solutions

Metrics that matter to your business

Our measurement solutions deliver robust data analysis to quantify the business impact of your OOH campaign.

Our analyses are powered by unrivaled data sets and use proven experiment methodologies to provide statistical confidence and high-quality, actionable conclusions.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness studies measure the change in consumer awareness and perception of your brand or product that result from an out-of-home advertising campaign.

Working with our strategic partners, we survey consumers, asking questions related to your brand or product. We then compare responses from those who have been exposed to your campaign with those from an unexposed control group to determine lift in metrics such as brand awareness, recall, affinity, purchase intent, and more.

Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic studies measure the change in visits to a physical location resulting from exposure to an out-of-home advertising campaign.

Through best-in-class measurement partnerships, we count the visits to retail stores or other locations by consumers exposed to your campaign, based on mobile device proximity at time of ad play. Comparing this data against that of an unexposed control group, we measure the increase in foot traffic to those locations.

Digital Events

Digital Event studies measure consumer activities on a website or app after being exposed to digital and traditional out-of-home advertising campaigns.

We use proprietary programmatic technology to understand the direct relationship between consumers exposed to out-of-home advertising, and the subsequent digital events, such as website visits, app downloads, online purchases, and more. This allows us to understand the ROI performance of OOH advertising like never before.

Other Metrics

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