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Make your brand famous in New York City with LinkNYC— North America’s largest street level Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) network. In one of the busiest and most bustling cities in the world, capturing the attention of your customers can be a challenge. With 4,000+ screens across all five boroughs, LinkNYC can reach your target audience at scale, seamlessly blending with the pulse of the city. Ads on the streets of New York City can drive major brand awareness and action.

DOOH offers brand presence in the real world, allowing you to engage with consumers IRL— where your message can’t be skipped or blocked. DOOH can also amplify your digital marketing efforts, driving consumers to take action, and achieving measurable goals. Leverage LinkNYC to drive traffic to your website, facilitate digital actions like downloads, boost foot traffic to physical locations, and increase brand awareness. We are woven throughout New York City’s most desired neighborhoods and commercial corridors, ensuring your message resonates where it matters most.

LinkNYC offers a unique advantage—speed and adaptability. In a landscape where economic and consumer trends constantly shift, having an agile media channel that can deliver real-time, contextually relevant messaging is paramount. LinkNYC is brand safe, unskippable and always-on.

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Map of LinkNYC, digital out of home kiosks, DOOH ad sales in New York from Intersection

LinkNYC is twice as effective at influencing brand consideration when compared to other OOH media formats.

*(Source: Mfour Brand Awareness Study)

Dynamic and measurable

LinkNYC’s capabilities allow advertisers to do more with their messaging, and communicate with consumers in the most contextually relevant ways. Weather updates, dynamic mapping, transit updates, countdowns, social media feeds, custom integrations — our dynamic capabilities ensure your content captures attention and sparks engagement.

Our screens can do more than just display static images. LinkNYC has motion video capability allowing you to extend the life of your social and video content in the real world. Tailor your campaigns with total flexibility. Dayparting, audience targeting, flight length, and share of voice options — LinkNYC adapts to your goals.

Our measurement solutions deliver actionable metrics that matter most to your brand, with capabilities to measure web traffic, conversions and digital events, foot traffic, brand affinity, and more. Intersection’s dedicated measurement team facilitates these studies with a number of best-in-class 3rd party research partners.

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Madewell ad campaign on LinkNYC digital out of home screens in New York CIty

Target your audience

Our sophisticated audience targeting capabilities allow your brand to effectively reach your strategic target, in the right place at the right time— allocating your budget where it will have the most impact. This is beneficial for local businesses, and any advertiser aiming to connect with a particular audience or community.

By leveraging powerful audience data points we can segment LinkNYC units that fit the demographics, shopping behaviors, media habits and psychographics of your consumers. In addition to audience targeting, location targeting offers brands the ability to focus on areas close to store locations, competitor locations, shopping districts, or desired neighborhoods. As part of the campaign process, we will leverage our deep sets of audience data to map out Link locations that fit your brand goals.

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map of neighborhoods in new york where intersection digital out of home screens are compared with luxury neighborhoods


monthly impressions across New York

Source: Geopath, Tableau, Related


of New Yorkers reached with Link screens

Source: Geopath, Tableau, Related

A platform for building community

Link Kiosks are not just an advertising platform, they bring value to New Yorkers with free Wi-FI, phone charging ports and community content. The LinkNYC Wi-Fi network has over 13 million subscribers, creates connectivity for the city, supports local businesses and generates economic activity for the city. Advertising on LinkNYC not only drives results, but is something your brand can feel good about.

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image of a digital out of home (DOOH) intersection NYC Kiosk that provides free wifi to New York CIty
Get ready to celebrate an unexpected collaboration that will blow your taste buds away! @empiricalcph and @doritos have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind spirit that will satisfy your cheesy cravings without the need to lick your fingers. Brace yourself as LinkNYC brings this exciting partnership to the city streets, creating a buzz and encouraging spectators to experience the revolutionary drink. It's time to embark on a flavor adventure like never before!


Step into the future of advertising. LinkNYC is not just a city asset; it's your strategic ally in crafting narratives that resonate with New Yorkers.

Esther Raphael, CMO

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