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Zoom Bus Wrap in San Francisco

Targeting techies in San Francisco

Campaign Objective

Video conferencing company Zoom hoped to build brand awareness among techies in San Francisco.

Our Solution

Intersection’s unique access to transit media helped Zoom reach techies in some of the densest and tech-heavy areas in San Francisco. Zoom used bold, large format bus media, including bus full wraps, ultra super kings, and kongs (ultra kings) to make an impact in San Francisco’s downtown and SOMA neighborhoods. Zoom also executed a domination in the Moscone Center parking garage while the convention center was hosting two of San Francisco’s biggest tech conferences, targeting the influx of technology leadership in the market.

The Impact

  • 123MM

    Impressions delivered across San Francisco

  • 6

    Media formats used, including Moscone Center parking garage domination

Geopath, Intersection

We partnered with Intersection for our out-of-home marketing efforts in the Bay Area and couldn’t be happier with the success of our campaign, as well as the support from the team. Displaying our brand on the road and other public spaces enables us to build brand awareness on a large scale.

Katianna Galdieri, Brand Marketing Manager, Zoom Video Communications

Zoom Parking Garage Domination in San Francisco
Zoom Bus Wrap in San Francisco