Sounds of the Streets

Link wi-fi used to download playlist on phone during MillerCoors Shazam campaign in NYC

Engaging consumers with real-time playlists by neighborhood

Campaign Objective

MillerCoors wanted to build an association with a key passion pointmusicby using location-based targeting to forge a deeper connection with consumers.

Our Solution

As part of the launch of Intersection’s innovative LinkNYC platform, MillerCoors partnered with Shazam for the “Sounds of the Streets” campaign, which curated real-time playlists by neighborhood, while encouraging passersby to stop by a nearby venue to grab a MillerCoors drink.

Using opt-in data received by Shazam and bluetooth beacons within the Links, the playlists aggregated the top songs within a certain radius of each Link in real-time. The dynamic creative displayed the neighborhoods’ playlist, while Shazam users could listen to it on their phone.

The Impact

  • 879

    Press clippings

  • 18MM

    Campaign-generated impressions

Intersection, Vistar

Clio Music

Silver Winner, Innovation
Shazam & Coors Light - LinkNYC

MillerCoors campaign on Link in New York
MillerCoors Shazam playlist on Link in NYC
MillerCoors campaign on Link in New York