Your Commute Can Wait

Holiday shoppers view Link in Herald Square in New York

Driving local purchases by providing key subway information

Campaign Objective

MillerCoors wanted to drive consumers to extremely nearby locations, such as convenience stores and bodegas, where they could purchase MillerCoors products. 

Our Solution

MillerCoors, Kinetic, and Intersection worked together to execute a strategic media plan on Intersection’s innovative LinkNYC digital platform, a natural fit for this hyper-local campaign.

Triggered in real time using information delivered from the MTA, MillerCoors was able to present consumers with highly contextualized messaging. The dynamic Coors Light creative, “Your Commute Can Wait,” ran when there were subway delays on relevant lines near targeted Link locations. Brand creative was served when there were no subway delays. 

The Impact

  • 44.5M

    Campaign-generated impressions

  • 11.5M

    Dynamic impressions served


MillerCoors campaign on Link in New York
Link showing MillerCoors campaign in NYC
MillerCoors campaign on Link in New York