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NJT Ad for Out of Home advertising with Intersection - Ad for coffee shop on bus

New Jersey, 2022

National coffee shop chain leverages bus media campaign to drive significant impact in store visitation

In an era where coffee has evolved from a mere beverage to a daily ritual, a national coffee shop and quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain embarked on a mission to increase foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar locations. Recognizing the significance of integrating their brand seamlessly into consumers’ everyday lives, they sought a commuter-specific medium that perfectly aligned with their vision—an out-of-home (OOH) transit campaign. 

The brand chose to target an area bustling with commuters and near their locations in Northeast New Jersey. In this region, bus transit reigns supreme as a vital commuter medium. It presented a golden opportunity to place their brand in the heart of their target market. 

Situated in the densely populated northern half of New Jersey, the coffee shop aimed to leverage the massive impact of a transit campaign for maximum visibility and foot traffic to their locations. New Jersey Transit’s extensive coverage offered the perfect stage to influence morning routines.

The campaign deployed 50 Bus Kings—signage placements that dominate the sides of buses, ensuring that the coffee shop’s message became unmissable to both pedestrian and motor commuters throughout the surrounding area. The campaign took place during a four-week period from March to April 2022 and was measured against key performance indicators (KPIs), lift in foot traffic. 


Campaign Objectives

  • Goal

    Drive foot traffic

  • KPI

    Lift in foot traffic

Results & Impact

The results of this campaign underscore the inherent value of bus media and its role in achieving the goal of increasing foot traffic. The strategic deployment of Bus Kings across Northern New Jersey through New Jersey Transit not only translated into tangible, positive outcomes but also demonstrated the potential of transit advertising to significantly boost brand visibility and drive customers to physical store locations. 

The results were impressive: during the 4-week study period, the campaign delivered a 53% boost in visitation to retail locations. 

This campaign wasn’t just about selling coffee; it was about becoming an essential part of the daily lives of northern New Jersey’s commuters. Transit marketing, especially bus media, was the catalyst behind this tangible success.


  • 53.4%

    lift in foot traffic

  • 58%

    of all store visits occurred at the top 4 locations measured

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