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LinkNYC kiosk on NYC street near people dining outside

Drive immediate impact and results for your brand with street level advertising

People are increasingly living their lives outdoors, enjoying neighborhood walks, outdoor dining, and more. In recent months, 69% of people said their appreciation and awareness of their surroundings increased when outside. In addition, 69% of people in cities also reported noticing Out of Home advertising more than ever before.*

As people journey throughout neighborhoods close to home and beyond, Intersection's media is right there with them. We help you reach people where they want to be—outdoors.

*OAAA/Harris Poll, October 2020

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62% of viewers took a mobile action, such as purchase or download, after seeing a digital street level ad

OAAA/Nielsen, March 2020

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$6 in sales generated for every $1 spent in OOH

OAAA, OOH ROI and Optimization in the Media Mix

Street-Level Media

Our flexible digital network delivers important messages and engaging content along daily journeys, connecting with people across New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other major cities across the US. Traditional street media like bus shelters are highly visible, and always-on for brands.

  • LinkNYC, LinkPHL, LinkNWK
  • Digital Urban Panels
  • Digital Bus Shelters
  • Urban Panels
  • Bus Shelters
  • Newsstands
  • Headhouses
LinkNYC near people dining outdoors

Street-Facing Transit Media

It's not just about riders. We reach abundant pedestrian and driver audiences with our citywide networks of street facing media on the exteriors of buses and trains. Build reach quickly, and discover endless creative possibilities on the largest canvas to reach people in cities.

  • Bus Wrap
  • Bus Ultra Super King
  • Bus King & Queen
  • Bus Headlights and Tail
  • Exterior Train Wrap
  • Rail Ultra Super King
  • Rail King & Queen
Bus wrap in Dallas


We provide street-level advertising opportunities in the following markets:

Austin                            New York

Boston                           Philadelphia

Chicago                        Pittsburgh

Los Angeles                   San Francisco

Minneapolis–St. Paul     Seattle

New Jersey                   Portland

Digital bus shelter in Philadelphia

Measurement Solutions

Intersection's street level media drives ROI for businesses large and small. Learn how our measurement solutions can deliver actionable metrics.

  • Website Visitation
  • Organic Search
  • Conversions and Digital Events
  • Foot Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Affinity and Health
  • Custom Data Integrations
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