Intersection Launches Bus Campaign Measurement with StreetMetrics to Connect Bus Media to ROI Metrics

New York, NY – March 1, 2021 – Intersection, the leading smart cities media and technology company, has announced the launch of Bus Campaign Measurement, a first-of-its-kind program tailored to deliver ROI metrics specific to bus media. In a partnership with StreetMetrics, the leading measurement and analytics company specializing in moving media, Intersection will expand its out of home (OOH) measurement offerings to include post-bus campaign audience delivery insights and attribution studies such as foot traffic, web traffic, digital conversions and app download studies. The pilot program is currently available in the Seattle and Chicago metro areas and will roll out to other markets nationwide. 

With Bus Campaign Measurement, Intersection will deliver a direct pathway for marketers to understand the impact that bus advertising can have on their business objectives. Measurement insights will show how campaigns delivered results based on the routes taken by the buses in the campaign, how many miles were driven and which parts of the city received the most campaign traffic. By tapping into the on-board GPS locator device in modern buses, Intersection and StreetMetrics will connect real-time bus location data to device-level behavioral insights to report on aggregate demographic information and secondary behaviors.

“Out of home attribution has typically relied on static, fixed geocoded data points, making it difficult to measure moving media — until now,” said Michael Rosen, Chief Revenue Officer at Intersection. “With the launch of Bus Campaign Measurement, we’re pleased to provide advertisers with the ability to measure the results of their bus campaigns. For the first time, marketers now can show the same ROI from an exterior bus campaign by providing metrics common in digital and OTT campaigns, completing the omnichannel experience for advertisers.”

Connecting all corners of urban life, bus systems are designed and operated to deliver service to the broadest geography possible. Bus media is extremely efficient and effective, capable of reaching city residents in their neighborhoods, even when they are not commuting. Recent data from The Harris Poll and OAAA show consumers are especially interested in getting away from their screens and spending more time outside, with more than 50% of consumers who live in big cities noticing OOH ads more during the pandemic, making bus media a great way to reach them.

Intersection has the largest network of bus media in the U.S with more than 10,300 vehicles in major DMAs across the country, including Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland and San Francisco. 

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