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Engage your customers on their daily journeys

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User exploring Amazon Gift Guide in NYC MTA on IxNTouch kiosk

Intersection’s Interactive Transit Kiosks and IxNSight® displays are designed to uniquely engage your target audiences, from contextually relevant messaging delivered on ultra high–reach displays to immersive interactive brand experiences.

Installed in strategic, high dwell-time locations throughout transit systems in Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, interactive kiosks and IxNSight displays offer riders real-time arrival, departure, and wayfinding information. Your message is presented alongside this valuable content, getting your brand noticed. In addition, state-of-the-art digital advertising capabilities allow for native integrations into the transit context, encouraging brand engagement.

Reaching and engaging people in transit

  • 55minutes

    Time spent on journeys between home, work, shopping, and leisure in the U.S.

  • 71%

    Of consumers interacting with our digital displays have stopped or slowed down to read information on the screens

  • 850

    Interactive Kiosks and IxNSight displays across seven transit systems

U.S. Census; Sachs Insights Report, October 2018

Become a trusted part of the commute

Deliver your message alongside critical data consumers need to inform their journeys, in areas with prime visibility and high consumer dwell time.

Maximize brand exposure

Flexible delivery options include 100% share of voice takeovers on any desired displays to create a “domination” effect for your brand, as well as sequential messaging to literally follow the consumer journey.

Be relevant in the moment

Use real-time data to tailor your message for maximum relevance in the moment. Available data feeds, including local weather, events, maps, traffic, social media, and more, customize and enrich your brand message with the right local context.

Amazon Gift Guide in NYC MTA

Interactive Kiosks
Put your message in the hands of consumers

With interactive advertising capabilities on an immersive touchscreen, interactive kiosks draw people in and let them physically engage with your brand. Create consumer-led interactive experiences that showcase products, deliver offers, capture customer information, push to mobile devices, and more.

IxNConnect Overhead display

Broadcast to capture attention

Perfect for video advertisements and dynamic digital campaigns, Intersection’s suite of IxNSight displays capture attention in high-traffic areas at key points in the commuter journey. Content is paired with critical transit information that consumers actively seek out, offering your brand maximum visibility.

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