Intersection Launches InterZ: A Network Focused on Engaging Gen Z Audiences In Cities

Intersection's InterZ platform tailors immersive, interactive experiences for the digital-native Gen Z crowd— across NY, LA, Chicago, and more

New York, NY – February 29, 2024 – Intersection, an experience-driven out-of-home media and technology company, has unveiled its latest offering, InterZ. Designed to captivate and engage Gen Z audiences, the InterZ network reimagines urban outdoor advertising by seamlessly integrating digital innovations with the vibrancy of city life.

With a focus on cities that over-index for Gen Z population growth, InterZ provides opportunities for brands to engage with this digitally-native audience using unique technology and tailored content strategies. InterZ harnesses Gen Z’s values and digital habits by focusing on sustainability, public mobility, and social responsibility— all interwoven throughout the network. As part of its initial launch, the InterZ network will deliver both Gen Z focused original content, as well as creative opportunities for advertisers to engage Gen Z, and meet them where they are with messaging that resonates.

“InterZ represents a significant leap forward in our goal to authentically connect brands with unique audiences in urban spaces” said Esther Raphael, CMO of Intersection. “Gen Z tends to over-deliver for brands in the out-of-home space, with nearly half of them taking a digital action after seeing an ad. We know these actions, like website visits and app downloads, ultimately drive purchase decisions and brand awareness.”

For brands looking to make an impact with Gen Z, InterZ presents a clear call to action: embrace innovation and position your brand at the forefront of Gen Z’s urban journey. Discover how InterZ can amplify your brand’s connection with this key audience off the mobile screen and in real life.

Intersection’s media network extends across the top U.S. media markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Seattle – in addition to other major metro areas such as Austin, Charlotte, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Portland and more. Intersection’s network reaches millions daily through more than 400,000 digital and static assets nationwide.

About Intersection:

Intersection is an experience-driven out of home media and technology company that delivers programming, consumer amenities, and advertising to cities. From free internet access to wayfinding to real-time information, our products make city life easier and more sustainable. We further enrich cities with experiential programming that inspires and engages people throughout their day. With valuable, diverse audiences in America’s top cities, we provide innovative, data-driven solutions for brands to reach urbanites at scale. For more information, visit