Turn real estate developments into Connected Communities

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Create an unforgettable destination

Deliver dynamic wayfinding and visitor information

Offer unique and seamless amenities, such as interactive, personalized wayfinding, commerce, calendars, and visitor information, that ease and enhance everyday activities in your development.

Enable two-way communication with visitors

Allow users to get additional information on demand, book services, make reservations, and provide feedback. Message guests in real time, including for special events, hyper-relevant promotions, or emergencies.

People walking by kiosk at Hudson Yards

Optimize circulation and traffic flow

Provide visitors with contextual content

Captivate visitors, residents, and tenants with entertaining, useful, and informative content at key locations.

Improve visitor experiences with data

Use dwell time, usage, and traffic flow information from visitor interactions with our products to improve their experiences and your operations in real time.

Manage communications across all digital displays in one place

A unified dashboard provides information on system health, publishing, user interactions, and people flow around your development. Ensure everything runs smoothly at all times with remote monitoring.

People interacting with kiosk in Hudson Yards

Grow your destination’s revenue

Tap into advertising opportunities

Real-time data integrations and interactivity unlock new dynamic and creative opportunities for advertisers and enable immersive brand experiences. Outsource ad sales to Intersection’s industry-leading out-of-home media sales team and tap into programmatic demand sources via Place Exchange.

Increase tenant commerce

Increase retail sales through targeted promotions at critical times and generate new leads via interactive kiosks.

Visitor views advertisement and interacts with kiosk at Hudson Yards

We’re transforming how people shop, live and dine today by focusing on tomorrow.

Rick Caruso, Founder and CEO, Caruso


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IxDA Interaction ’16

Winner, Best in Connecting

Edward M. Kennedy Institute

Core77 Design

Notable Mention, Interaction

Edward M. Kennedy Institute

A.R.E Retail Design

Winner, In-Store Communications

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