Engage travelers from departure to destination

Improve the travel experience

Identify and solve traveler pain points

Real-time information, alerts, and messages—all specific to your airport—help reduce traveler anxiety.

Increase access to airport amenities

Interactive and personalized wayfinding, commerce, and traveler information provides travelers with time and confidence to explore all your airport has to offer.

Provide contextual content to ease travel

Provide travelers with entertaining, useful, and informative content, and deliver each message at the right place and time.

IxNTouch Kiosk showing airport transportation information

Manage your airport's digital screens in real time

View a complete picture of airport communications

A unified dashboard provides real-time data & analytics on system health, publishing, and user interactions.

Maintain control over publishing

Leverage existing publishing workflows or use our intuitive content management system. Publish across existing screens in your airport or via new, high-quality hardware designed for usability.

Keep everything running smoothly

Ensure ongoing performance with 24/7 remote monitoring.

Maximize the value of airport media and touchpoints

Reach travelers throughout their journeys

Serve the right message to the right customer across media products—from clubs, concourses, gates, jet bridges, and in-flight experiences to websites and mobile.

Tap into new advertising capabilities and demand

Deliver messages through traditional, digital, onboard, and online media placements, including powerful sponsorship opportunities as well as dynamic and interactive advertising formats. Tap into programmatic demand sources via Place Exchange.

Increase traffic to shops and restaurants

With targeted promotions at key locations, you can provide tenants with valuable tools to increase their revenues.

People walking through John Wayne Airport in Los Angeles

The airport is increasingly resembling the smart city.

Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX):
What the Smart City Means for Future Airports

Travelers and media in Charlotte Airport

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