A Booming Presence

Compelling Seattleites to look up and listen up

Campaign Objective

Sonos was looking to target the popular Capitol Hill neighborhood and reach tech enthusiast consumers in the high-tech Seattle market.

Our Solution

Intersection brought a bold approach to promote Sonos’ cutting-edge products: station dominations paired with bus media, providing multiple touch points for the brand. Massive bus full wraps cruised the streets of Seattle with a skew towards their target neighborhood, reaching downtown Seattle commuters, urban professionals, pedestrians in the retail shopping district, and Seattle’s high-income neighborhoods. Leveraging a high-reach campaign with excellent creative execution, Sonos created a booming campaign that drew eyes and sparked attention.

The Impact

  • 24.3MM

    Impressions delivered

  • 76%

    market-wide campaign reach

  • 50%

    Skewed coverage towards Capitol Hill

Geopath, Intersection