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Time and Place Arrivals Service

Commuters at Fulton St Station use Intersection's Interactive Information Kiosk in New York

Developing a dynamic arrivals board for New York City subway riders

Since 2013, Intersection has partnered with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) on their On the Go kiosk program, supplying IxNTouch kiosks for subway and rail stations. Intersection has deployed over 275 kiosks in the system to date, working closely with the MTA to develop an intuitive and beautiful user interface, dynamic advertising and agency content, real-time service alerts, wayfinding tools, and back-end monitoring and content management systems to ensure it all runs smoothly.

The most frequently used On the Go kiosk feature is the arrivals board, with over one million user interactions per month. In order to feed the arrivals board with the best possible information, Intersection worked with the MTA to build a consolidated train arrival tracker called TaP, short for Time and Place. TaP pulls together several different feeds and data sources on MTA arrivals—from static schedules to real-time arrivals fed by the MTA’s signalling system and beacon trials.

Woman finds transit information at Interactive Information Kiosk in New York subway

Providing best possible data

Each source of data is assigned a priority level based on its real-time accuracy, and TaP is configured to always prefer and deliver the data closest to real-time that is available. If for some reason one data source is experiencing an outage or long latency, TaP defaults to the next highest-rated data source, so that riders always see the best available information.

Ensuring trust and accuracy

After countless hours of research with transit riders, Intersection’s team understood that arrival information would only be valuable to riders if perceived as accurate and trustworthy. The team worked with the MTA to build a second level of information for riders, providing additional transparency on the data sources being used to present arrival times.

Offering transparency, fun, and peace of mind

On Intersection’s On the Go kiosks, riders can tap the arrivals board to learn what data source is used for the arrival information being displayed at that exact moment, its historical accuracy, and other fun facts about the train. This level of information helps give customers peace of mind and supports a transparent and trusting relationship between riders and the transit authority.

Keeping riders informed on train arrivals

  • 1.6MM

    Monthly interactions for arrivals information