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Chartio campaign in BART's Montgomery Street Station

Connecting people with their data

Campaign Objective

Chartio is a business intelligence tool that allows everyone in the organization to explore their business data and get to insights faster than ever. Chartio wanted to drive brand awareness and new business, with four key objectives:

  • Reach a wide, yet qualified, audience of prospects, customers and potential hires.
  • Communicate their vision in a way that is relatable to everyone.
  • Stay true to their brand values.
  • Do all that in a cost-effective manner.

Our Solution

Chartio partnered with Intersection to launch a campaign in BART’s Montgomery Station that would reach a high concentration of potential customers in downtown San Francisco and keep them top-of-mind with existing customers that frequent the busy station.

Chartio’s 4-week station domination told a story about how their product connects people and data. Each ad featured a Chartio employee asking a question specific to his or her role and a complementary chart providing a meaningful answer based on actual data.

Chartio domination campaign in BART's Montgomery Street Station in San Francisco

The Impact

Noticing buzz around their campaign on social media, Chartio used Google Analytics and their own business intelligence software to measure website visits from social media and connect trial signups to web traffic from San Francisco. They reported positive momentum with qualified demand in the area and a lift in web traffic from social media during and following the campaign.

In addition to its tangible benefits, the campaign also resulted in qualitative advantages, including a lift in hiring inquiries, increased cross-team collaboration, and a morale boost: they found showcasing their own employees produced a lot of excitement and even enjoyed a company field trip to view the campaign and celebrate it’s success.

Read more on Chartio’s blog or learn more about the company at

Chart showing increase in website visits from social media over the course of the campaign
Chart showing increase in Chartio trials during campaign

All in all, a great experience for us at Chartio. We delivered a concept and creative that communicated our vision in a very relevant and impactful way for our target audience and did so in a cost conscious way...we estimate about 50% of the campaign cost to have already been paid off through increased pipeline.

Alex Poulos, Chief Marketing Officer, Chartio