Aunt Bertha
Connecting People and Programs

Access local non-profit and social services on LinkNYC tablets

Intersection has partnered with the award-winning software program Aunt Bertha to launch local non-profit and social services on LinkNYC tablets in all five boroughs. The partnership brings access to housing, food, health, legal, education, and other services to the streets of New York. Since launching Aunt Bertha across the LinkNYC network in April 2017, New Yorkers have conducted hundreds of thousands of searches for social programs.

Intersection’s LinkNYC team analyzes aggregated and anonymized search data on the Aunt Bertha site, helping us prioritize messaging around top-searched programs for increased information relevance for New Yorkers as they navigate their city.

Aunt Bertha on LinkNYC

Find help instantly by category, area, and language

To access the Aunt Bertha social services site on LinkNYC kiosks, a user starts a tablet session and selects ‘Social Programs’ on the tablet screen. The app launches and generates a list of social service providers in the surrounding zip code of the kiosk. Users can also search for a specific category of services (housing, legal, transit, health, food, education, and more) and access the results in different languages.

Person logging into Aunt Bertha on Link's tablet

New Yorkers are using Aunt Bertha to get the help they need:

  • 5K

    Programs available across the five boroughs

  • 10.3K

    Monthly Aunt Bertha users

  • 23.5K

    Monthly searches for programs

Aunt Bertha

Creating impact at scale through thoughtful partnerships

Intersection constantly seeks out ways to maximize city resources through creative partnerships on the LinkNYC network. “Partnering with innovative, forward-thinking leaders who want to create impact at scale in their communities is the way to move the needle in a major way,” explains Erine Gray, Founder and CEO of Aunt Bertha. “There is no better place for us to start with than New York City and no better partners than LinkNYC and ACCESS NYC, a community with leaders committed to taking the frontiers of technology for good and making them mainstream.”

We’re deepening our commitment to serving all New Yorkers by bringing ACCESS NYC and Aunt Bertha front and center.

Anne M. Roest Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications