Connected Communities Practice
A new opportunity for seamless experiences

Port Covington, Intersection Connected Communities project

For the first time, real estate owners and operators have the opportunity to deliver seamless, coordinated experiences across complex physical environments.

Intersection’s Connected Communities Practice seizes this opportunity by connecting physical and digital assets to maximize partnerships, assets, and revenue.

Connected Communities link together the user experience of public spaces, offices, shops, restaurants, and residences

Everyone benefits from a Connected Community


Seamless access to unique services and amenities that improve the convenience of daily life—from ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity to frictionless transactions and wayfinding.

Office and Retail Tenants

Tools and products to create impactful experiences driving employee satisfaction, customer acquisition, data insights, and revenue.

Developers and Operators

Strategies and capabilities to harness your data delivering higher value per square foot, greater tenant retention, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

Connected Communities experiences

We believe data is the new oil.

Kevin Plank, Founder, Under Armour and Sagamore Development Company